Voice experience is the latest digital marketing trend and distribution channel with untapped power. Over one billion Alexa, Google and Samsung connected smart speakers have been sold so far and the numbers keep growing.


Voice assistants are handy and fun. People use them to manage smart homes, make bookings, find information and entertainment - all hands-free. 

For businesses and brands voice interface creates an opportunity to reach out to customers on a deeper level. Voice holds much more value than any other means of communication because it conveys context, intent, emotion and provides real intelligence. It creates a connection between the brand and its customers and facilitates sale. 


According to Comscore 50% of all searches will be made by voice by the end of 2020.

But the technology is not without its limitations. Voice interactions are mainly robotic, while 71% of consumers prefer human voice to synthetic (, November 2019). 



By combining our storytelling muscle, media production experience, marketing insights and understanding of technology, Geyser can give you a personal voice that will distinguish your brand from competition and create a bond between you and your customers. 



Determine strategy for your voice offer, in accordance with your  marketing plan and audience metrics. We assess your capabilities and prepare roadmap to increase your market share

Create and launch immersive sound identity. Professionally produced audio and video fit for voice search increases your visibility and allows for discovery. This is a 'landing page' that drives potential customers your way

Design interactive formats, such as games, tests and other entertainment to support your marketing campaigns for the launch of new products, services and events

Develop sustainable connection between you and your audience by maintaining continuing communications exchange through brief casts, stories, branded special interest programmes, etc


Implement customised solutions, stand alone or integrated with your existing services, such as bookings, ratings, data gathering, etc

We do it all together with you and are happy to share our insights and data to help you succeed. Get in touch!